Ditch the Clique COMMUNITY 6 Month Membership

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Ditch the Clique COMMUNITY is a monthly subscription service and an extension of the Ditch the Clique event series.  This online community is designed to provide you deeper connection and accountability BEYOND a Ditch the Clique event. Virtual monthly meetings, personalized weekly goal check-in's with Rachel, access to goal-getting resources and so much more will provide the healing connection, inspiration, and dream-achieving tools you want and need. Plus, rewarding perks like discounts to shop featured female owned brands, and VIP access to in-person Ditch the Clique events are included too! 

Let's get specific:

what you get -virtual monthly meetings with the Ditch the Clique COMMUNITY
-access to virtual goal setting and goal achieving resources
-personalized weekly goal check-ins with Rachel
-access to the private Facebook group for daily connection and accountability
VIP access to LIVE Ditch the Clique events
-exclusive monthly discounts and giveaways to female owned brands
 what you give -$69 for a six month subscription

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